Dino in "Stay Out" is a short, created by Joseph Barbera, that was broadcast by Cartoon Network as part of the showcase series, What a Cartoon!, on March 19, 1995.[1] The short is based on The Flintstones, which was created by Barbera along with his long time business partner William Hanna. A second "Dino" short was also created for What a Cartoon! in 1997, titled Dino in "The Great Egg-Scape".


Fred Flintstone goes bowling with Barney Rubble and tells Dino to keep the Saber Tooth Cat out of the house. However, the cat continuously gets back in, using disguises to fool Dino, such as: a baby, a tiger skinned rug and Santa Claus.


Main RolesEdit

  • Dino
  • Saber Tooth Cat

Minor RolesEdit

  • Fred Flintstone
  • Wilma Flintstone (heard but not seen)


Production CreditsEdit

  • Teleplay by - Stewart St. John
  • Storyboard by - Robert Renzetti
  • Layout Designer - Drew Gentle
  • Background Stylists - Jerry Loveland, Craig Robertson
  • Story and Direction by - Joseph Barbera
  • Executive Producer - Buzz Potamkin
  • Supervising Producer - Larry Huber
  • Line Producer - Bob Onorato
  • Unit Production Coordinator - Sylvia Edwards
  • Character Designers - Ed Benedict, Butch Hartman
  • Design Assistants - Donna Zeller, Dana Jo Granger
  • Recording Director - Gordon Hunt
  • Casting Director - Kris Zimmerman
  • Talent Coordinator - Jill Ziegenhagen
  • Supervising Recording Engineer - Ed Collins
  • Recording Engineer - Preston Oliver
  • Music Score by - Gary Lionelli
  • Main/End Title Theme by - Gary Lionelli
  • Director of Music Production - Bodie Chandler
  • Background Supervisor - Al Gmuer
  • Background Artists - Bonnie Callahan, Richard Daskas, Andrew Phillipson, Leonard Robledo
  • Ink and Paint Supervisor - Alison Leopold
  • Color Stylist - Suzette Darling
  • Final Checker - Nelda Ridley
  • Ink and Paint Artists - Audry Covello, JoAnne Plein, Lydia Swayne
  • Graphics - Iraj Paran
  • Camera Operator - Dan Larsen
  • Executive in Charge of Post-Production - John Forrest Niss
  • Animation Checking - Beth Goodwin, Robert Revell
  • Xerography - Star Wirth, Martin Crossley, Richard Wilson
  • Track Readers - Kay Douglas, James Hearn, Carol Iverson
  • Supervising Film Editor - Tom Gleason
  • Post-Production Supervisor - Gayle Mnookin
  • Post-Production Coordinators - Valerie Menk, Gail d. Silvers
  • Sound Editors Provided by - Three Rivers Editorial, Inc.
  • Sound Services Provided by - Larson Sound Center
  • Re-Recording Mixers - Doug Gray, Anthony Costantini
  • Negative Consultant - William DeBoer, Jr.
  • Video Services Provided by - Four Media Co.
  • Telecine - Scott Ostrowsky
  • On-Line - Brian Schnuckel
  • Pre-Production Manager - Debby Hindman
  • International Production Coordinator - Brooke Williams
  • Production Assistants - Sandra Benenati, Duke Heberlein, Linda Moore
  • Executives in Charge of Production - Joe Mazzuca, Catherine Winder
  • Development Executive - Jeff Holder
  • Production Company - Hanna-Barbera Cartoons, Inc.
  • Produced in Association with - Wang Film Production Co.
  • Overseas Supervisor - Dan Hunn



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