What A Cartoon! Show - Larry and Steve

What A Cartoon! Show - Larry and Steve

A precusor to family guy. Peter and brain is based on Larry and Steve. This has aired before but it's not likely too now.


It began with Steve in his cage at the dog pound, his number was called for

destruction, he desperately need an owner, unfortunately no one wanted Steve,

he had miserable attempts, but soon, Larry notices that Steve can speak . Larry

explained Steve that larry once had a Jack Russell terrier that speaks Dutch,

but he couldn’t understand a word it said, Steve said that he need an owner or

He will die, Larry brought Steve to his quality apartment and give him his own

room, moments Later his television, lamp and bed was broken, so they went

shopping, steve notices that Larry‘s driver’s license was suspended, Steve

Saw a large fork causing their car to split in half, then later they got back together

then Larry decided to go to the quality furniture store, they choose the massage

bed, Larry accidentally press a button and Steve hit a wall, and both of them

searching, Larry changed the lightbulb causing Steve to bounce at the sofa,

hit and crashed at the television and go to the bathroom and then He went onto

the nose of a plane, the plane crashed and the pilot said that he couldn’t

stay Mad at the person and that ends the episode.