Pizza Boy in: "No Tip" is a episode.


Pizza Boy tries to deliver a pizza to the Arctic Circle in five minutes to get a big tip. He has many problems on the way and faces big trouble. When he arrives at his destination, the customers hates their order and refuses to tip the pizza boy, causing him to go mad. Thus he is sent to prison. During prison, when his psychologist mentions the word “tip” again, Pizza Boy once again goes mad.



  • This is the half-year anniversary special of What A Cartoon!
  • This was aired on New Years Eve.
  • In reality, pizza deliveries is only anywhere in local areas, not anywhere worldwide. Also, it cannot be five minutes or less because it would be impossible to be ready in time.
  • When the male Alaskan customer claims that they were given blubber, this indicates that the pizza is most likely not cooked long enough or that it was soaked.


  • Always tip your driver (or waiter/waitress).
  • Any order mishaps or delays is most likely not the driver's fault.


  • When Pizza Boy honks a car and says, "Come on," his mouth did open and did not move.


The transcript for "No Tip" can be found here.