Shake & Flick in: Raw Deal in Rome is an episode of the What a Cartoon Show!


Flick is a tiny, pink, deadpan galactic flea who can suddenly expand to monster size and voraciously nip anyone he desires to eat. Shake is a famous (but less-than-virtuosic) canine lute player who elaborately descends to the stage to please his adoring fans; but Flick instantly shows him up with some mad drumming and electric guitar playing. From there, it's a game of one-upmanship, with the flea forever triumphing... the worst that Shake gets of it is when he's mowed down a dozen or so time with a motorcycle (with Flick dangling in midair, both hands on the throttle). The flea finally eats the dog, but the dog escapes through the iris-out, the flea in hopping pursuit.


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