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Sledgehammer O'Possum: "Out and About"

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Sledgehammer O'Possum: "Out and About" is a short created by Patrick Ventura that was broadcast by Cartoon Network as part of the showcase series, What a Cartoon!, on April 2, 1995.[1] A second Sledgehammer O'Possum short was produced in 1997, for What a Cartoon, titled Sledgehammer O'Possum: "What's Goin' On Back There?!"


A troublemaking possum frustrates a dog's plans to enjoy a quiet Summer lunch in the park.


  • Sledgehammer O'Possum
  • Dogg


Production CreditsEdit

  • Layout Artists - Mark Kausler, Robert Ramirez, Julian Chaney
  • Background Stylist - Kathryn Yelsa
  • Created, Written and Directed by - Patrick Ventura
  • Executive Producer - Buzz Potamkin
  • Supervising Producer - Larry Huber
  • Line Producer - Bob Onorato
  • Animation Director - Robert Alvarez
  • Unit Production Coordinator - Sylvia Edwards
  • Character Clean-Up Artists - Barbara Krueger, Dana Jo Granger
  • Recording Director - Pat Ventura
  • Casting Director - Kris Zimmerman
  • Talent Coordinators - Cindi Lyn Peltier, Jill Ziegenhagen
  • Supervising Recording Engineer - Ed Collins
  • Recording Engineer - Preston Oliver
  • Music Score by - Peter Lurye
  • Main/End Title Theme by - Gary Lionelli
  • Director of Music Production - Bodie Chandler
  • Ink and Paint Supervisor - Alison Leopold
  • Color Stylist - Karen Greslie
  • Final Checker - Nelda Ridley
  • Ink and Paint Artists - Lori Hanson, Christine Kingsland, JoAnne Plein
  • Graphics - Iraj Paran
  • Camera Operators - Dan Larsen, Steven Mills
  • Executive in Charge of Post-Production - John Forrest Niss
  • Animation Checking - Beth Goodwin, Catherine Peterson
  • Xerography - Star Wirth, Martin Crossley, Richard Wilson
  • Track Readers - Kay Douglas, Carol Iverson, Kerry Iverson
  • Supervising Film Editor - Tom Gleason
  • Post-Production Supervisor - Gayle Mnookin
  • Post-Production Coordinators - Valerie Menk, Gail D. Silvers
  • Sound Services Provided by - Three Rivers Editorial
  • Sound Editor - Paul Douglas
  • Re-Recording Mixers Provided by - Larson Sound Center
  • Re-Recording Mixers - Anthony Costantini, Doug Gray
  • Negative Consultant - William DeBoer, Jr.
  • Video Services Provided by - Four Media Co.
  • Telecine - Scott Ostrowsky
  • On-Line - Brian Schnuckel
  • Pre-Production Manager - Debby Hindman
  • International Production Coordinator - Brooke Williams
  • Production Assistants - Sandra Benenati, Duke Heberlein, Linda Moore
  • Executives in Charge of Production - Joe Mazzuca, Catherine Winder
  • Development Executive - Ellen Cockrill
  • Production Company - Hanna-Barbera Cartoons, Inc.
  • Produced in Association with - Fil-Cartoons
  • Production Executive at Fil-Cartoons - Bill Dennis


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