The Worm in - Tales of Worm Paranoia

Tales of Worm Paranoia is a short film directed and animated by Eddie Fitzgerald. It aired on Cartoon Network.


Created in the style of The Ren and Stimpy Show, the short tells the tale of a worm named Johnny, whose carefree and forgiving nature was replaced by genocidal thoughts towards the human race when he is stepped on. The short details his progressive loss of sanity and his girlfriend Sally worrying about him, until his face is disfigured in an incident involving a crack in the concrete and a bucket of liquid vitriol (though he quickly recovers thanks to cartoon logic). Ashamed at his loss of control, he goes to apologize to the humans, he goes to apologize, but is hit by a door opened by the same human that had stepped on him. The end credits consist of Johnny looking at the camera with a crazed expression.

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